March 9, 2015

Pros and Cons of the Cosmetology Industry

Cosmetology is for the PEOPLE PERSON. A cosmetologist has the advantage of making someone, their client, look and feel better about themselves.

Cosmetology is a broad term for those that assist in the beautification of the human body.  In the 21st century, cosmetology has become task specific or in lay terms a specialty study. Those that specialize in skin, makeup and hair removal are trained and licensed as an aesthetician. Those that work specifically on the body are a massage therapist. The manicurist is the professional that does spa manicures and pedicures, all forms of artificial nails and art design. A licensed cosmetologist is licensed to do hair, skin and makeup, many times chooses to specialize in an area such as color or cut/designing.  For those professionals that have honed their craft and want to give back, becoming an instructor is a rewarding choice.

Cosmetology can most certainly have Financial Benefits. It takes time to get started and build a clientele.  This could take a few years and be demographic dependent. Flexibility of the work hours are a great advantage, as this gives the professional the ability to balance their life. The job itself is very rewarding because of the time spent with the client, helping them look and feel their best.

Networking and positive social media is a great tool for the licensed professional. Positive referrals and the sharing of photos on social media can be great exposure, and in many instances, produces immediate results. Once the client is satisfied with both  craft of the professional and their people skills, the client base will develop and provide a sizeable list of devoted customers.

In my personal opinion, the strongest COSMETOLOGY pro to being a professional in the cosmetology industry is its entrepreneurship. From someone that has done it and done it successfully, I encourage all with the desire, work ethic and skill to start their own business. Not many know about an Indiana law for the MOBILE SALON. Those that choose to be independent,  can own and operate a MOBILE SALON.  It must be approved by the State of Indiana and follow the identical licensing laws as any other salon, but it is a great way to be the unique professional. Check this out!

Once the professional has been working a few years, has developed a substantial client base and is of the nature to be independent, opening a business can be attractive. Cosmetology is one of the very few professionals where someone with skill, people savvy and business knowledge can start earning enough money to support themselves.


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