March 30, 2021

10 Creative Careers You Can Have in Cosmetology

What does your dream career look like? Would you be working flexible hours, using your creativity, and inspiring others? Or maybe you want to work for yourself! If any of this sounds like you, cosmetology could be your perfect career path.

At Don Roberts School of Hair Design, we are committed to helping you create a career you can love. We love watching our students graduate and go on to bigger and better things in this amazing industry!

If you’re wondering what kind of career you can have in cosmetology, here are 10 creative and rewarding options you may love:


Hairdressing styling client's hair

If you want a career where you can express your creativity and have flexible hours, hairdressing could be a great option! You can make every haircut or hair color a piece of art. Not only this, but you can be surrounded by other artistic stylists in a fun, social salon environment!

Want to work for yourself? You can rent a chair, open your own salon suite, or freelance! Over 30% of hairstylists work for themselves. If approving your vacation days and choosing your hours sounds amazing to you, this could be the way to go!

Salon/ Spa Manager

chairs in a salon

Does inspiring a team of stylists sound exciting to you? Managing a salon or spa could be your dream job. As a manager, you will be in charge of scheduling yourself and your employees, keeping the color and product inventory stocked, and hiring. This means you can have a lot of flexibility over your hours, what products and services are offered, and who you work with!

Does hair interest you most? You may love managing a salon! Or, if you are more interested in facials, waxing, and manicuring, consider looking for local spas to apply to!

Salon/ Spa Owner

Salon owner sitting in salon chair

If you want to call all the shots, take the leap and open your own salon or spa! As a manager, you may have to answer to the business owner. The owner may have opened a private brand or franchised the shop. They may have certain branding, marketing, or service guidelines already in place that you need to follow. If you open a salon or spa, though, you would be the ultimate boss. You would have no one to answer to except yourself!

Editorial Artist

editorial photoshoot set

As an editorial artist, you could be working with print, video, or events. This means you could be the hair or makeup artist for brand photoshoots, commercials, magazine ads, or the runway! Editorial work often involves avant-garde styling, working with artificial hair, and playing well with a team. If cameras flashing and seeing your work published excites you, editorial work could be your perfect fit!

If you’d like to pursue editorial work, consider finding a mentor or continuing education classes to take while you are still in school. You may love Vivienne Mackinder’s work on HairDesignerTV! Vivienne is a seven-time winner of the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA), industry icon, and educator!

Music Video Hair and Makeup

set of a music video

Speaking of cameras flashing, would you want to work with celebrities? As a cosmetologist, you can work as the hair or makeup artist on music videos! Some sets hire hair and makeup artists separately, and some want one artist who can do both. We recommend familiarizing yourself with both to be more versatile if this career path sounds exciting to you!

This environment is fast-paced and you may need to work off-hours. Getting that perfect sunrise shot could mean being on set by 4 am! However, there is nothing like seeing your work on YouTube with millions of views, so grab some eye drops and go for it!

Brand Ambassador

Barber servicing client with a Wahl cape

If travel and teaching interests you, you may love being a brand ambassador. Some brands will pay for you to travel to teach classes with their products! You will also be one of the first to know about new products, tools, or technology the brand is coming up with. Here are just a few brands that hire ambassadors:

If becoming a brand ambassador interests you, we recommend taking continuing education classes from brands you love or attending hair shows to make connections. You got this!


beauty student practicing on a mannequin

Want to teach in a more personal environment? You can always become a beauty educator! This could mean creating your own classes as a freelancer or obtaining an instructor’s license to work at a school. Not only can you stay sharp on your favorite techniques as an educator, but you can also inspire the next generation of beauty professionals. How rewarding does that sound?

Cruise Ship Beauty Therapist

woman receiving a facial

Is seeing the world a big goal of yours? As a cruise ship beauty therapist, not only can you travel the world, but you can get paid to do it! Provide facials, manicuring, makeup, or hairstyling in a luxury setting with clients who are ready to relax. Some cruise ship lines require contracts of several months at a time, so be prepared to leave your hometown and set sail to new horizons!

Nail Technician

pink manicure

If nails are your passion, consider specializing and becoming a nail technician! Work in a salon or spa, or work independently. It’s up to you! One benefit of working as a nail technician is that many clients regularly rebook for fills. This can offer you some consistency, both in your schedule and your clientele. With regular clients, you have the opportunity to connect and get to know who is in your chair on a deep, personal level. You may find that as a nail technician, your clients can become your best friends!

Makeup Artist

client receiving makeup service

Are you always trying new makeup looks? Turn your passion into your career! As a makeup artist, you can work independently, at a salon, or specialize in events. Whether you pursue bridal makeup or network with brands to work at influencer events, makeup artistry offers fun and exciting career paths. If you were born to make art, this career could be your dream!

Get Started at Don Roberts School of Hair Design

Now that you know what your future could look like, are you excited? At Don Roberts School of Hair Design, we love watching our students graduate and pursue their dreams. It’s one reason why we love this industry so much!

If you’re ready to make it happen, explore our cosmetology program today. We teach you the skills you need to sit for your state board exam and find success after graduating! Contact us online to schedule your tour of our school and see if we could be right for you. We can’t wait to meet you!

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