August 15, 2022

How We Prepare Our Students for Future Jobs

Are you ready to start your beauty school journey and take the necessary steps to become successful? At Don Roberts School of Hair Design, we prepare our students for future jobs. We take pride in our students and we are here to direct them toward their passions. Whether you’re a parent reentering the workforce pursuing your dream or ready to change careers, we have great opportunities in store for you!

How We Prepare Our Students for Future Jobs

We Keep Things Personal

Small class sizes allow students to focus on their individual learning styles with supported instruction. We understand that no one is the same and want you to stay true to yourself as you explore our school curriculum. As an industry-driven, student-focused school, our classes offer a one-on-one education. This is hard to come by in a much larger beauty school. The more experience you have the greater asset you become in the beauty industry. 

Students have the opportunity to complete up to 10% of their program off-site where they can experience and engage with local spas and salons. Our small class sizes allow you to have more time to develop your skill set at our student salon. We are committed to helping our students find jobs in the beauty industry before, during, or after graduation. 

Our Programs

Whether you have an interest in cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, or manicuring, our programs are designed to prepare you for your future. No matter which program you choose to further your education, our experienced professionals can offer you the experience and education you always dreamed of. We are all about keeping up with the latest beauty industry demands and trends, so you can feel more confident with your skill set. Is beauty school right for you? Check out what programs we have that might be a great fit for you!

Find Employment Before, During, and After Graduation

At Don Roberts School of Hair Design, we help our students get their foot in the beauty school door. We are here to help you gain as much experience as you can before you potentially become a licensed beauty professional. These jobs could include working as an assistant, retail representative, receptionist, and so many other local opportunities. 

Our school has a 100% licensing rate for a reason. Our programs are not easy, and you are expected to work hard–which may seem daunting. However, we encourage you to keep going, as the reward is so high. We believe our licensing rate is high, because we push you from day one until the day you sit for your exam. We also strongly encourage you to register in a timely fashion, so you can receive your license immediately once you take the licensure test. We require that our students take their education seriously and must have an average of 95% or higher to sit for the exam. 

Our instructors want nothing more than for you to succeed, so they are here to help you meet your specific goals and needs to begin your journey. Through repetition and practicing your skills, you are able to feel more ready for your state exam. We provide licensed professionals a wide range of job opportunities at local Northwest and Chicago salons, spas, or medical facilities. If you enroll or graduate from any of our programs, then you can benefit from our Free For Life job placement. Our Free For Life program offers students secure placement, which is why they return years after graduation if they are looking for a new state license or endorsement.

Career Path Class

Something that makes our curriculum stand out from other beauty schools is that we provide a Career Path class to guide our graduates through the job application process. Here is what you can expect to learn from the Career Path class:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Salon Management & Structure Studies
  • Resume Presentation
  • Professional Networking
  • Professional Guest Speakers
  • Job Shadowing
  • Practice Interviewing Skills

We strive to help students find employment through our career path class. Our connections with local salons or spas gives you the opportunity and experience to work with others outside our student salon, so you have a better idea of what the real world of beauty has to offer. If you are serious about working hard and becoming a successful beauty professional, then Don Roberts School of Hair Design is the school for you. 

How We Prepare Our Students for Future Jobs

Ready to Begin Your Beauty Education?

The beauty industry is demanding and competitive. We are here to help you stand out in your future career. It is important to prepare yourself now and do your research so you know beforehand what to expect and if this is something you are motivated to do. During your education, you are likely to make mistakes, but mistakes are what leads you to success and growth. Cosmetology and any type of beauty school program is not for the weak. It is for those who are willing to work hard and put an effort into their studies. When you work hard, more exciting opportunities come and our instructors offer a quality education to get you started!

Why Choose Don Roberts School of Hair Design

We are honest with our education and work individually with students in completing their daily goals. Our school director promotes daily goal tracking, and guides the focus on how you will challenge yourself to accomplish your goals. We strongly believe you get what you earn. The more you apply yourself in our programs, the more likely you are to become successful. 

Our school has a strong community of connections. Students who attend Don Roberts School of Hair Design are more job ready because they are exposed to local beauty salons or spas that are owned and operated by our previous students. We take education VERY seriously, and the beauty industry demands detail and desire. Which is why we cater to adult learners who are motivated to put in the work into themselves, and their education. Our goal is to empower students to feel more equipped for their future beauty industry careers.

Begin Your Education In Illinois

We want you to succeed. If you are just starting our program or are an alumni, no matter how long you have been done with school, we can help assist you in the right direction. Schedule a tour with us and visit our campus to see what it has to offer. Education is really important to us and we want you to be able to keep up with state requirements, no matter where you are currently residing. 

Some neighboring states, like Illinois, require professionals to have a certain amount of continuing education hours each year, however, in Indiana this is not the case. If you are in need of additional hours, we are here to help! If you landed the job you always wanted, our continuing education program can still give you marketable skills and the necessary training you need to keep up and grow with an ever-changing industry. So what are you waiting for? Step up to the plate now and learn what you can do to get started

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