Study the art of manicuring at Don Roberts School of Hair Design!

About Our Program

A successful manicurist or nail technician has the professional skills, academic and technical education to provide cosmetic services to the client using such basic skills as cleansing, massage, pedicure, spa manicure and pedicure and artificial nails. Advanced studies can include, but not be limited to reflexology, feet mapping, airbrushing, 14 day polish and art design.

Where can a Manicurist work?

A licensed manicurist is in demand! Indiana offers self-employment with the newly licensed Mobile Salon Opportunity! Manicuring or nail tech employment opportunities can be found in salons, spas, day spas, hotels, cruise ships, and resorts. For those that continue to learn, employment can be found in education, demonstration and platform work.

If you are a licensed esthetician and have an interest in manicuring; we offer crossover study/hours to those that qualify. Please contact us for detailed information.

Who is a qualified Manicurist?

In the State of Indiana a manicurist must complete a program of not less than 450 hours, graduate from an approved school, and obtain a license from the State of Indiana.

When and how can I find employment?

There is no charge for DR alumni employment referrals. Employment with a license can be yours within 30 days of graduation.

Additional Program and Licensing Details:

Program Starts

Class starts are program dependent. Book your Discovery Day with Us to Learn More.


A diploma is issued at graduation.


Application can be submitted immediately upon graduation. A license is obtained and maintained through the State of Indiana.

Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Code

Manicuring: 12.0410

Gainful Employment Disclosures:

View our Consumer Information & Disclosures page for more details.


  • I was excited to enroll in the crossover Barber Program. I was required to first have a valid cosmetology license as 900 hours from my cosmetology training rolled over to the Barber Program. The cosmetology education received at DR made the Barber program very easy. I now have both my Cosmetology and Barbers licenses. I professionally practice and teach within both curriculums.

    R. Ducret

    The entire staff is knowledgeable, encouraging, and refreshing. Each Instructor’s passion and commitment to their craft encouraged me to go farther. I am multi-licensed and now proud owner of Catina’s Tranquil Garden. This is an amazing industry!

    C. Radford
  • My journey started with the Manicuring program. My second year I graduated from the Instructors program, on a full scholarship. In my third year of study, I completed the Esthetics program. All my needs exceeded my expectations. As a current staff member, I work with a team of exceptional educators. I am now able to give back to my students what was given to me.

    V. Eenigenburg

    I was referred to Don Robert’s from a successful Don Robert’s graduate and am currently enrolled in the esthetics program. I thrive on the relaxation energy, essential oils, and massage. I enjoy helping all my clients relax and enjoy the moment. At graduation, I look forward to a new and very different career change.

    P. Smagacz
  • In life you get what you invest. At DR, my instructors didn’t meet me half way, they met me the whole way. I gave my education 100% of my everything; desire and effort. This school is for serious minded individuals who want to thrive in the beauty industry. I worked hard and earned the Choice Scholarship. My training allowed me to obtain my license; one week out of school I opened my own suite/Loft Salon and Suites-Jade on The Set. I am able to book my own hours around the needs of my family.

    C. Lucas

    My educational journey at Don Roberts began in cosmetology and continued in the instructor’s program. Since I had the cosmetology curriculum fresh in my brain, I was then able to crossover 900 hours from the cosmetology program and into the barber’s crossover program and then only had to complete 600 hours for the barbering program. At a more accelerated rate, I was then able to pass my state test for barbering. The crossover program was such a great way to fast-track my learning path.

    J. DeWindt