October 5, 2022

Top Traits of a Successful Cosmetologist

As you look into which career would be best for you, it’s important to realize that people of all personality types are in every career field. However, there might be some common traits that professionals in these fields share with each other. Discover which traits are best suited for a successful career in the cosmetology industry. 


When you are passionate about what you are doing you are more likely to excel in that area. Why? Emotions are drivers of action. If you have a passion for beauty you are likely to want to do it! A deep love and interest in your work will make it far more meaningful and enjoyable to not only you but those around you. As a cosmetologist, you should have a passion for beauty and enjoy making others look and feel their best.This is why passion for the beauty industry and making others feel their best is important to becoming a successful cosmetologist


Working in the beauty industry requires creativity. A good hairstylist needs to be able to envision the perfect cut, color, and style for their client. Some cuts and colors are more creative than others, which means you have to understand how to achieve each look. Once you or a client have that vision in your mind about what look you want to create, you can use a variety of techniques to make it a reality. Those who have creative minds have the potential to thrive as a cosmetologist as it fills that creative need.

hair cut

Enjoy the art and creative freedom that comes with being a cosmetologist and don’t be afraid to try new styles or step out of your comfort zone. Keep practicing those techniques and be open to learning new things!

Strong Communication Skills

A successful cosmetologist communicates with a lot of people. New clients, coworkers, and potential employers are just a few of the people you will interact with as a cosmetologist. Communication skills are a must if you want to build trust and a good reputation. Strong relationships mean clients will keep coming back and tell other people about you. Here are some ways to build those connections: 

  • Ask questions: Questions like, “What are your plans today?” or “What are some TV shows you’re binging right now?” are easy questions to get to know someone. 
  • Stay positive: Being negative is a quick way to turn a client away from you. It’s okay to have bad days, but try to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  
  • Be yourself: This is the best way to find clients that you’ll truly click with! Even if you don’t have a lot in common with them, you’ll find that authenticity is appreciated.  
  • Listen: Part of communication is listening. Pay attention to what your clients are saying, and check back in on them at their next appointment. It will really go a long way. 
  • Understand them: Sometimes clients don’t want to chat, and that’s okay! Understand that some people use their time to destress from life, and that may include silence.  
  • These tips can help you strengthen your relationship with almost anyone, including clients, employers, or family/friends. Open communication is a great way to succeed as a cosmetologist!

cosmetologist and client


Establishing yourself in your field can take some dedication, especially at the beginning. It can take time to find loyal clients, and there can be some days that are longer than others. Stay positive, and know that it’s worth it if you’re doing what you love.

Even getting a cosmetology license takes dedication. In Indiana, cosmetology students must complete 1,500 hours of training before they can take the test to potentially become licensed cosmetologists! At Don Roberts School of Hair Design, we offer full and part-time cosmetology courses so you can move at your own pace!


Professional business skills can be incredibly important towards becoming successful. Cosmetologists often have to network to find salons to work in or manage their clientele. Because of this, cosmetologists need to develop key business skills to succeed. Maintaining an engaging social media presence and staying organized are just some business skills you will need. Others may include:

  • Critical thinking
  • Service orientation
  • Time management. professional cosmetologist

If you choose to open your own salon or operate as a freelancer, these skills will greatly benefit you. Learning how to communicate as a professional and understanding these business skills can get you a lot further in your career. 

Study Cosmetology at Don Roberts

A future in cosmetology can be a rewarding one. More than just styling hair, you can help clients feel like their best selves while using your creativity to express yourself! At Don Roberts School of Hair Design, you can pursue the future you want. Our professionally-driven cosmetology program focuses on equipping students with the skills necessary for their future work environment. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour! We look forward to meeting you. 

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