October 8, 2023

Think of the Possibilities

Picture this: It’s a bustling Saturday afternoon at your favorite nail salon. People are chatting softly as they sit in comfy chairs, waiting for their turn to get their next beauty makeover. The air is full of excitement as the talented nail artist works her magic, transforming ordinary nails into dazzling works of art.

Have you ever thought about being the one behind that chair, creating those amazing, fresh designs, and making people feel incredible? If you’re a high school student who loves beauty, creativity, and making others happy, our Manicuring program could be just right for you. 

Welcome to Don Roberts School of Hair Design, where we’re not just about nails; we’re about building careers. Let’s see how you can start a journey that lets your creativity shine and opens doors to a world of beauty and opportunities.

In today’s fast-paced world, where career choices are diverse and opportunities are abundant, it’s important to equip young individuals with the right skills and knowledge to succeed. If you’re a high school student with a passion for beauty, creativity, and making people feel their best, our program might be the perfect fit for you. Let’s explore how Don Roberts School of Hair Design can help you achieve your dreams.

Building Skills for Success

Our Manicuring has been carefully designed to meet industry demands while accommodating your busy schedule. In just 30 weeks of part-time commitment, you can earn your Indiana State Manicuring License. We’ve tailored the program to align with the nail tech industry’s demands, ensuring that you’ll be a sought-after professional upon completion.

Meeting Indiana’s Demand

Licensed manicurists are in high demand across the United States, and Indiana is no exception. Our program provides you with the necessary licensure in Indiana to obtain an entry-level career before you even graduate high school. You will have no choice but to excel in this thriving industry that allows you to work anywhere within the state. Let us know if you have goals and desires to earn your licensure in other states! We’re happy to help guide you after licensure. 

Your Pathway to Success

Our program offers unique advantages for both mid-term and full-term high school graduates. You’ll have incredible employment opportunities right at your fingertips, with the chance to work in a salon or spa even before you graduate. This can offer you a leg-up towards your career and other professional interests as you grow. Whether you plan to work full-time, part-time, or pursue higher education, our program accommodates your aspirations. You can work while attending college, other trade programs, and even cross-credit from one program to another, saving you time and costs. 

Empowering Future Beauty Professionals

Imagine attending summer classes between your junior and senior years, immersing yourself in fun and focused learning. You’ll carry these credit hours into your senior year, staying on track to achieve your goals. Balancing your high school commitments with our program is a breeze. You can attend high school and program classes concurrently, participate in extracurricular activities, and even secure employment in a salon or spa. Our program empowers you to acquire valuable, employable skills even before you graduate from high school, setting you up for success in your future endeavors.

Ideal Student Profile: Are You the Perfect Fit?

Our program isn’t just for anyone; it’s for individuals who embody certain qualities:

  • Focused and Accountable: You’re driven and accountable, managing your time effectively to excel in both academics and skill development.
  • Passionate and Artistic: Your artistic flair shines through, and you enjoy interacting with people, creating stunning nail designs that make a difference.
  • Academically Inclined: You’re up for the challenge of balancing strong academic performance with acquiring professional skills.
  • Forward-Thinking: You’re seeking to offset educational expenses with strong employment skills and are eager to join a professional team.
  • Flexible and Goal-Oriented: You can handle a flexible work schedule, staying focused on the end results and the path to achieving them.
  • High School Readiness: You’re currently in or have successfully completed the 11th grade, possess a 10th-grade reading level, and are comfortable with online learning and technology.
  • Lake County Indiana High School student – Do you currently attend one of the following high schools in Northwest Indiana? Lake Central High School (Schererville), Crown Point High School (Crown Point), Griffith High School (Griffith), Highland High School (Highland), Hanover High School (Cedar Lake)

Embark on Your Journey Today!

Ready to turn your passion for creativity and beauty into a fulfilling career? Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! Join our Manicuring program and start your path to becoming licensed. Here’s what you can do right now:

If you’re ready to start your future in the beauty industry or are looking to continue your education, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re here to answer all your questions and guide you through the enrollment process.

We always recommend our potential students to visit our campus. We have something called Discovery Day, where you’ll:

  • Take a guided tour of our student clinic and classrooms
  • Meet with a financial aid specialist to discuss your options
  • Enjoy one complimentary service in our student clinic

Your future starts here. Take action now, and let your creativity shine while making people feel their best, one nail at a time!

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